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SINONING is a DIY accessories store for the world. Here, you can buy any quantity of each kind of goods according to your needs, or even one. For example, a screw, a resistor, a capacitor, a diode, and so on. We provide one-stop solutions for electronic components, and our purpose is to provide low-cost solutions to makers.


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2020.04.28 SINONING new system

2020.04.28 SINONING new system, This is a new beginning

2012.12.26 Founded

2012.12.26 Founded in Shenzhen,  there is Maker’s Paradise.

 Founder’s dream


    As a child, very curious when I see electric toys. I am thinking why the motor can move, always want to open it and see what inside. What is the theory?  Many times it cannot installed after open, I will be very nervous, scared parents blame;    childhood, when I see someone repair machines, always curious to look around, always wanted to see the principle of machine movement; after entre the school, electrical knowledge growing rich, I want to make an electric motor, I started to make my motors every day, after a few weeks, the motor finally turning, hard describe how happy I am.

     With the upgrading of knowledge, I was thinking, why not have a perpetual motion machine , if a motor driven pump the water, the water moving drive another generator, the electricity generated will supply the pump, perpetual motion machine will be come true. Until high school, I learned the law of conservation of energy, perpetual motion machine dream break down.

     With increasing knowledge, practice again and again, my physical electrical knowledge gained greatly improved, my interest is not limited on toys, also radios, computers, mobile phones and so on. Long-term practice, so my knowledge and ability growing up, I am not only can open it, also install and repair. Now, I started to create some of the products, not limited to toys.

      Until today, I establish SINONING.COM!

      In this era, the rapid developing of the electronics industry, the Internet penetration of technology, we want to learn a knowledge, make a toy, and develop a product, it become very easy.

     The emergence of Arduino microcontroller embedding even more impetus the speed of technological progress. With these, non-professionals can easily create their own robots, we are entering a highly innovative era record. Grasp the opportunity that we can make a difference.