Digital display 1-8 18650 battery box mobile power bank kit DIY


SKU: SN297

Please note: This product is digital display use 1 ~ 8 pieces 18650 battery. 

kit = shell + motherboard, 

product do not include battery,

Please read this page carefully 

One battery can also work


Little knowledge: The charger and charging line largely determine the charging speed. To save the charging time, please use the genuine 2.1A charger and use our 2A fast charging line to charge!


Buyers must read: 

 the battery needs 18650 battery. Length 65MM, diameter 18MM, working voltage 3.6V-4.2V,  

 18650 batteries are loaded in parallel, do not connect the negative pole! Remember to see the battery positive and negative position ! 


The wrong polarity is very serious! it Will burn motherboard scrapped, 


The second item; Operating instructions, after the battery is correctly installed, use a 5V charger to charge and activate the product. 

1. Double-click to open the flashlight. 

2. one Click to show the power 

3. Plug in the phone to start charging automatically, 

 After the battery is charged, it will go through a second full charge and discharge process, the battery display percentage will be more accurate! 

should not use mixture of old and new batteries,


Please note the following points for DIY products:

Receive the goods test the battery first, everything is no problem and then cover the lid,  

The Remember battery positive and negative positions! The consequences of installing the wrong positive and negative electrodes are very serious and will burn the motherboard IC board scrapped! 

To increase the charging speed, please use our complimentary 2A fast charging cable to charge. 


shipping list:

1pcs power bank kit without the battery

1pcs usb charging cable