2.4G 30 meters remote control RC boat double propeller paddle DIY kit



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2.4G 30 meters remote control RC boat  double propeller paddle DIY kit
Product Description:
This is a basic package of our own experience, with this kit plus its own foam or other floating device, can be made into a remote control boat. This through the 2.4G remote control, the distance can be achieved about 30 meters. Hull with positive and negative paddle, more scientific and practical. This kit does not need to be welded, the line is quick and easy to use.
* Remote remote control
* 6-channel remote control can be extended
* Fast wiring, children can also use
About the remote control:
Remote control using 2.4G six-channel remote control, the ship actually only used 4 channels, there are 2 channels can be extended to a motor, install other functions.
Remote distance: about 30 meters
Product List:
Remote control 1
Receiving board o1
1pc 4 AA batteries box with a switch
1 set Hull mechanical parts assembled pieces
Quick connect 4