58mm metal aluminium alloy Omni Wheel for robot kit omnidirectional


SKU: W12

58mm metal aluminum alloy Omni Wheel for robot kit omnidirectional


This is the latest design of 58mm robot kits compatible Omni directional robot wheel, it's useful as they roll freely, The 58mm Omni wheel is a robust, durable and double row wheel that provides easy 360°movement proper with rotational and sideways maneuverability. It comes with an NXT compatible hub and an Axle Centre hub for the Arduino motors. if you use this omni wheel on your robot, it can be able to forward/ backward and rotation without changing its orientation. 



Body&Roller Color: Grey


Wheel Diameter: 58mm

Roller Diameter: 13mm

Body Material: aluminium alloy

Roller Material: Nylon+PE

Load capacity: 12KG

Net weight:89g