Medium Damping Balance Tank Robot Chassis Crawler for Arduino DIY TOY SN1700


SKU: SN1700

Model SN1700

Chassis Size: 23.8 * 14.8 * 5.6 (length, width, height) Unit: cm
Metail: plastic 
Tank Track width:3.2cm
Metail of Track: soft rubber 
Motor type: 130
maximum input voltage of 9V


Damping performance is better, more stable ,Smooth
Bottom have a battery compartment, which can put 6 pcs AA batteries

this chassis good for VIDEO

Disadvantages: the chassis is not suitable for heavy load because soft damping

how to use:
left and right have drive motor, while one motor rotated, the other side stop, the tank will turn left or right. if both motor runing, it will go forwoard or back.

Characteristics of DC motors: rotational speed of the DC motor and proportional to the voltage