Smart Robot Tank Chassis kits diy robot chassis crawler tank with Acrylic plate for Arduino SN200t


SKU: SN200t


motor voltage:3v-7.4v


there have some hole for you to install your PCB board


such L298N, Arduino UNO etc



it good for robot Chassis


there have fixed screw hole in the hull. you need DIY for your PCB, such as Arduino,etc


on the buttom, have an battery space not battery box, it can put 6 pcs AA battery. you can clear for the photo.


Robot Tank Chassis Design by SINONING


we have make many tank chassis, and we have test many. so we expert for Robot Tank Chassis.


if you need spare part, such extra track, you can contact us.



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the photo of below just for demonstrate not incloud for this productLOGO135LOGO136