2 DOF Metal Robot Arm Clamp Claw Mount Frame kit Set Aluminium Alloy Robotic Manipulator Paw Multifunctional Bracket Servo Toy


SKU: 18569604-no-servo


  • Aluminium Clamp unassembled Servos

  • (Kit Only, NOT include Servos)

  • Clamp Max open is 55mm

  • Clamp total length: 108mm

  • Clamp total width: 98mm (when the Clamp close)

  • Working voltage: 4.8-6V (when the Clamp open)

  • Servo Torque: 6.5kg.cm

  • Alloy plank kit is very light.

  • More details, please visit: https://github.com/SmartArduino/SZDOITWiKi/wiki


  • Multifunction Bracket: 1pcs

  • L-bracket: 1pcs

  • Long U Bracket: 1pcs

  • Servo Hub Horn: 2pcs    

  • MG995 servo: 1pcs(Optional)

  • Mechanical claw holding a clip: 1pcs

  • Imported bearing a cup: 1pcs

  • 1 set screw nut