SNAR23 4DOF robot arm arduino aluminum alloy metal remote control handle ps2 kit




Metal body

Mg996 steering gear, strong power 

Handle with line remote control 

With recording function, automatic movement 

Arduino programming provides source code



Brand: small hammer

Model: SNAR23

Maximum extension length of the arm: 23cm

Maximum opening size of the clip: 7.5cm

Working voltage: 5v

Packing method: aircraft box

Weight: 868g

Size: 28*18*5


How to use: Assemble it well, use the arm to control the movement of the arm. You can also use the arm to control the movement and record the movement, then play the action, let the robot automatically repeat some actions.


Product List:

1 set of metal parts

1 set of screws

a 5v2A adapter

An arduino China development board

a v5 expansion board

2 ps2 joysticks

An acrylic sheet

DuPont line some

4 mg996 servos


Note: Shipment is a spare part, you need to assemble it yourself, provide online installation tutorial and source code.