New Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder Battery Box 2WD For Arduino Free Shipping


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New Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder Battery Box 2WD For Arduino



2WD smart car upgrade :

1.3D installation drawings

2. Upgrade the code disk , improve the structure of precision from the original 10 cells, 20 cells upgraded to make double precision and strength. Installation will no longer appear when there were no breakage. ( Optical processing costs would more than double )


Our factory uses a special magnetic motor 130 motor, rather than the general market, the S \u0026 P Magneto , in the same circumstances operating current , torque is two to three times the original cost increase a lot, plus the amount does not increase .

4. We will be using the motor car had EMC test motor .

Some friends found a good time to make the smart car circuit design , connecting with the program is correct, but the chaos is the sensor is triggered , the microcontroller program is not working properly . Check for a long time to no avail , then I assure you , is your system is sent to the motor brushes spark interferes . We had been using EMC testing of DC motors. Interference phenomenon does not occur . Motor Our shop has been using this motor ( not previously emphasized only )

Invoice :

  • A car chassis
  • Trolley wheels 2
  • DC Gear Motor 2
  • Speed encoder 2
  • Fasteners 4
  • Caster 1
  • Four batteries box 1
  • A high-quality rocker switch
  • An assembly drawing
  • Several screws and nuts

Trolley Size:


The bevel see the car chassis


With four battery compartment, switch with switch convenient system!aeProduct.getSubject()

With tachometer code disk: can be used to go away if the measured speed feedback effects.aeProduct.getSubject()

We have 51 single-chip systems, L298N drive four tracking module in conjunction with the car. (Able to achieve such tracing obstacle avoidance function)