heng long Tank Germany 3818-1 Super chassis with cover shock absorber track DIY crawler Car


$62.90  $65.00
SKU: SN6500


  1. The tank is bigger, the surface space is more comfortable, suitable for installing various equipment.

  2. 380 motor power is strong.

  3. It was modeled after a famous German tiger tank in world war ii.

  4. Easy to repair, all the accessories can be bought.

  5. The crawler is wide and grip well.

  6. Large, suitable for load.

  7. Independent suspension design, each wheel can rise and fall separately.

  8. The wheel, wave box and track can be upgraded to full metal.


Model: SN6500
Weight: 1700 g
Motor: 380 motor
Rated voltage: 7.4v.
Use voltage: 3-9v.
Size: 390 mm * 235 mm * 120 mm
Shipping list: 1 chassis and a cover.