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This is a kit can be applied to real life. If you need more accuracy, or more range, you can be based on this kit, use more reliable sensors, make more powerful scale. Through this kit of learning, you can understand the principle of electronic scale. when you get this knowledge, you will find so many fun to learn arduino. and you will get confidence, you can go further.

design by SINONING

and you can buy the whole kit from :here

Step 1: ​Featuer:


* No welding required

* Online Graphic Tutorial

* Provide source code

You can modify the code so that the display you own name,

after you finished this simple kit, you will get self-confidence, you can go further.

Step 2: List

UNO version:

Arduino UNO China Edition* 1

10kg acrylic frame *1

LCD 1602 + IIC display *1

Hx711 *1 Weight *1

Online tutorial Source code download

Step 3: Connect 10kg Pressure Sensor Frame

Step 4: Connect Hx711 to Arduino

connect hx711 to arduino uno
HX711 —– Arduino UNO

Step 5: Connect Arduino to LCD1602

connect arduino to LCD1602
LCD1602—–arduino uno
GND ———— GND
VCC ———— 5V
SDA ———— A4
SCL ———— A5

Step 6: Source Download

download the source code to learn advance.

including list:

arduino code

hx711 library for arduino uno




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