40 frequency points 5.8G video transmission 600mW FPV wireless video transmission and reception TS832 RC832

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TS835 image transmission transmitter, the shape and power are the same as TS832, but it can input 7-25V, with 5V 1A voltage regulation function, can supply power to dog 3 eagle eye SJ4000 and so on! TS832 doesn’t have this function (Genie 2 only needs 832)
Rich frequency resources, mini size of the transmitter, no fan design. Both transmitter and receiver are displayed with LED digital tube, which avoids the problem of close distance caused by dialing errors of previous generation products.
Transmitter / receiver interface: SMA male screw female
Required antenna interface: SMA inner screw hole
The original antenna has an unobstructed distance of about 1-2km in the air, the transmitter uses a mushroom antenna, and the receiver uses a 5.8G 14DB panel antenna to reach a distance of 5-6KM:
Please install the antenna before transmitting power to avoid burning!
*Transmission frequency: 5.8G
*Transmission power: 600mw
*Sending frequency: 32 o’clock
*Input voltage: 7-16V
*Antenna connector: transmitter module end RP-SMA jack antenna end RP-SMA plus
*Antenna gain: 2db
*Working current: 220mA /12V
*Working temperature: -10-85 ℃
*Video format: NTSC/PAL Auto
*Video bandwidth: 8M
*Audio bandwidth: 6.5M
* Launch net weight: 22g
Dimensions: 54*32*10mm
Summary of frequently asked questions about suits: Beginners and friends must watch it~~
1. Boss, how far is your equipment?
Answer: Conservatively speaking, if the original antenna is used for more than 500 meters, if the antenna of the transmitter is replaced with a mushroom, and the antenna of the receiver is replaced with a flat plate, the distance can reach more than 1000 meters; it can only be conservative, our local model friends use this I was surprised that the kit flew 10 kilometers, but it’s true! ! !
2. Why is the distance between my image transmission transmission and image transmission reception very close, and the image is still very unstable, flickering!
Answer: The image transmission receiver and the transmitter should not be too close. The power of the transmitter is sufficient. If it is too close, there will be signal jamming. It is normal. .
3. Why is my image transmission so close, tens of meters are not enough?
Answer: There are many factors affecting the distance. Please check the main factors. (1) The image transmission transmitter or antenna should be kept away from carbon fiber products as far as possible. Carbon fiber products have a great influence on the signal; (2) The difference between image transmission and reception There should be no obstacles; (3) Use a 3s battery or a 12v voltage stabilizer block for power supply as far as possible for the image transmission transmission. If it is together with the power battery, it may be affected by the voltage fluctuation of the power battery, resulting in unstable signal.

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TS832 launch, RC832 receive, transmit and receive

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