Arduino uno shield for 6 dof robot arm microcontroller ps2 with code SNA55

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Arduino uno shield for 6 dof robot arm  microcontroller ps2 with code


    This is a development board based on arduino, has already integrated arduino uno, does not need another arduino. The board is designed for 6-DOF robot control and can control 6 pieces mg996 servos. With the PS2 remote control, it can realize the remote control robot arm.



  • Integrated Arduino uno Atmega 328
  • Six-way servo interface
  • Provide arduino control code
  • Provides ps2 receiver port



Shipping list:

1 development board

1 usb line



code download

copy libray PS2X_lib to C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries
upload code :ps2_bt.ino

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