Micro Peristaltic Pump DC5V Precious Metal Brush 500 Geared Motor High Pressure Ink Pump Squeeze Pump


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9 in stock

Pump weight: 63 grams

Voltage: DC5V

Current when pumping: 0.56 A

Voltage: DC6V

Current when pumping: 0.58 A

Power on for 5 seconds can accurately pump 10 ml of water

The new bulk micro peristaltic pump, a 500 motor with a precious metal brush, drives the roller (three rollers) after deceleration, and squeezes the silicone tube in turn, thus playing the role of conveying liquid. The peristaltic pump is suitable for conveying viscosity due to its large conveying pressure. /Non-viscous liquid, it can transport such as ink or other viscous liquid, these peristaltic pumps are relatively low-end varieties, but because there are few varieties of peristaltic pumps on the market, this can provide DIY enthusiasts with a good learning or experiment Chance.

Its pump head is fixed by four clips. Use a screwdriver to pry open the clips to remove the mask and replace the silicone tube, which is very convenient to use.

Use a screwdriver to pry open the mask, you can see the structure inside, and you can also replace the silicone tube, which is very convenient. The 500 motor is a DC motor with precious metal brushes. It can be reversed. In theory, the peristaltic pump is also suitable for forward and reverse. , that is, the water inlet and outlet can be interchanged, but after dismantling the mask, it was found that this batch of pumps has only one end of the plastic pellets. , Pull the silicone tube to move, so it is recommended to use the end with plastic particles as the water inlet, because if you choose the end without plastic particles as the water inlet, it may be because the silicone tube is pulled out of position, and inside the pump The pump head is stuck due to wrinkles, so it is recommended to use the end with the plastic pellets as the water inlet. If you really need the other end as the water inlet, you can also pry off the mask and manually change the position of the plastic pellets.

You can see the location of the plastic pellets from the outside. You don’t need to pry open the mask. Buyers and friends should pump it to identify it, and test the machine with power on to ensure that the end of the plastic pellets is used as the water inlet.

We tested the machine with DC5V power on. The pump’s pumping volume is relatively small, but when the pump water is resisted, the power of the water is very strong, the flow rate is small, and the water splashes when hitting the water surface. It is estimated that this is the peristaltic pump. feature.

The original silicone tube of this batch of pumps is 4*6MM. The silicone tube of the ordinary 370 air pump is this specification. If the service life of the tube is required to be better, you can also consider replacing it with a 3*6MM silicone tube. Thicker ones are definitely more durable, but we need to consider whether the positioned plastic pellets can be installed. We don’t have a 3*6MM tube, so we can’t determine whether it can be applied or not.

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