10 PCS 63V104 0.1UF 100V104 CBB capacitor High quality capacitor


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Product introduction:

Non-polar, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wider frequency), and low dielectric loss.



The metallized polypropylene film is used as the medium and the electrode, and is encapsulated by flame-retardant insulating material, single-entry, out-of-band, epoxy resin sealed, with excellent electrical properties, good reliability, low loss, good self-healing properties, and stepless Sex, insulation resistance is high, frequency characteristics are excellent, and the dielectric loss is small. The dielectric constant is high, the volume is small, the capacity is large, and the stability is better. The dielectric loss is small, the insulation resistance is high, but the temperature coefficient is large.


Application range:

It is widely used in DC pulse, pulse, and AC step-down in instruments, meters, TV sets and household appliances. It is especially suitable for various types of energy-saving lamps and electronic rectifiers.


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