127mm Heavy Duty Aluminum Omni Wheel(with keyway)/Bearing Rollers 14153


SKU: 19451865

Product Description

The (5 inch) 127mm Omni-directional wheels are unique as they are able to roll freely in two directions. The omni wheel is one design for a wheel which can move in any direction. It is a conventional wheel with a series of rollers attached to its circumference. These rollers have an axis of rotation at 90° to the axis of rotation of the wheel. Each wheel applies force to the platform at 90° to the axis of rotation of the wheel. Composition of vector force of each wheel makes the platform to move in any direction with any rotation.

Key Features:
Diameter: 5 inches(127mm)
Axial width: 18mm
Number of plate: 2
Number of roller: 10
Body material: Aluminum alloy
Roller material: Nylon
Roller bearing : Bearing Rollers
Roller diameter: 30mm
Net weight: 860g
Load capacity: 80kg