12V mini submersible pump with adapter 1.5 m head to send 2 m water pipe



12V mini submersible pump with adapter 1.5 m head to send 2 m water pipe
1) the stator part of the pump and the rotor part of the complete isolation, the stator and circuit board part of the use of epoxy potting, 100% waterproof;
2) Rotor part of the use of permanent magnet, water pump body with environmentally friendly materials, low noise (less than 35dB), small size, low efficiency and low power consumption;
Instructions for use:
1. Do not run overpressure. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum voltage. If the battery is fully charged if there is no pressure limiting measures, will be serious overpressure, can not guarantee their own power supply voltage first test.
2. Do not use AC power, router power, computer cat power and so many are similar to the exchange, can not use!
3. Ripple problem (the most vulnerable to the problem): Many DC transformers are half-wave rectifier, the result is a lot of AC components in the DC mixed, the pump will be bad! Brushless pumps must be full-wave rectified! Do not ask please ask the professional!
4. Head problem: such as the head of 2.2 meters is not to say that the power supply can spray 2.2 meters high, the head is connected to the water pipe, the water column in the vertical height of the water pipe. Jet height is much lower than the head!
Shipping list:
A pump
2 meters water pipe
A 12v adapter