1pc 5V laser head diode spot copper semiconductor tube 6MM diameter



5V laser head diode spot copper semiconductor tube 6MM diameter

 Wavelength: 650NM

Power: 5MW


1: pay attention to the safety of laser batteries to prevent others from removing the power pool caused by short-circuit combustion or battery explosion.
2: laser launch principle and the specificity of the process of the decision of the laser with ordinary light does not have the characteristics: that Miyoshi (good color, good coherence, good direction) a high (high brightness).

3: mainly used for laser toys, all kinds of level, ground instrument and so on
Production of electronic pointer pencil: teacher lectures, with laser projection point to ask students to think about thinking.

Electronic level: let the motor drive the bald rotation or twist, projected into a straight line on the wall, for decoration or posting New Year to do the level of reference.

Micro-LCD projection: Remove the condenser, so that the laser through the control of the LCD screen, you can produce a clear projection of the wall.

Remote laser listener: let the laser light in the eavesdropping room glass, and then receive the glass reflected back to the laser beam, detect the vibration of the glass to restore the room to the sound.

Remote light control burglar alarm: the need to protect the fish ponds or watermelon fields at the corner of the laser tube and photoresistor installed in the other three angle mounted on the mirror, to form a protective area.

Long-range laser wireless communication: the use of a pair of laser transceiver device in the two distant roof each other, the use of single-chip serial communication protocol can send and receive files, and even networking.

The laser head from the luminous die, condenser lens, copper adjustable sleeve composed of three parts, issued to the user, these three parts have been assembled, the lens focal length is also adjusted, and has been strong glue stick

Well, the user connected to the 5V DC power supply to work.

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