1set 17DOF Biped Robot Educational Robot Kit 17 Degrees Of Freedom Humanoid / Humanoids Walking / feet Servo Bracket Kit



17DOF Biped Robot Educational Robot Kit Servo Bracket Ball Bearing Black

Our latest release all 17 degrees of freedom humanoid robot stand! Structure is more reasonable, more affordable prices!


Robot height of about 40CM (standing leg is bent state), width 23CM, with 17 degrees of freedom. Among them, the head of one degree of freedom, the arm 4 DOF, shoulder two degrees of freedom, hip two degrees of freedom, leg six degrees of freedom, foot two degrees of freedom.


Leg into oblique U bracket, U bracket than before long, more flexible, you can make more moves, squatting can be more stable.


Also replaced the shoulder oblique U bracket, more beautiful, more reasonable force!



- Arches punching, corner cutting
- Cost-effective and easy-to-use
- For hobbyists, robot competition, kids
- Humanoid robot
- Color: Black
- Size:40cm(H)*23cm(W)

Containing the 17DOF: 
1DOF of the head
4DOF of the arm
2DOF of the shoulder
2DOF of the hip
6DOF of the legs
2DOF of the feet

17dof no servo horn

(Not assembled, Mount Kit only, Servo & Electronic Parts shown in picture are NOT include.)
The robot you can mount 17 micro servos, robot lower body 10 joints and two shoulder best using MG996Rservos, other parts can MG995 servos.

Package includes:

- 16 x Multi-functional servo bracket
- 7 x Short U-type servo bracket
- 4 x Long U-type servo bracket
- 4 x Oblique U-type servo bracket
- 4 x one-type servo bracket
- 4 x L-type servo bracket
- 1 x U-type robot waist bracket
- 2 x Foot Base
- 14 x Miniature Ball Radial Bearing
- 17 x Metal Servo Horn (Optional, not include)
- 1 x Screw and screw cap set
(if you need servo horn, the price will be 71.99USD)

Metal Servo Horn17pcs (Not include)