2.4G remote control RC aluminum alloy tank robot 18650 30 meters


SKU: SN5100

Reminder: This product needs to be assembled
* Aluminum body, durable
* Very large track
* Super remote control , the maximum acceptable 15V 5A
* Affordable
Chassis parameters:
Model: SN5100
Weight: 800g
Chassis material: aluminum alloy
Surface: sandblasting oxidation
Color: Black optional
Crawler: Engineering Plastics
Wheels: Plastic
Size: about 185 * 200 * 80mm (L * W * H)
Design load: 5KG
Motor Model: 33GB520
Motor voltage: 9 to 12V (12V when the speed of more than 300 turn points)
Remote control parameters:
Can control three motors, 6-15V, the maximum current of 5A
Power supply:
it need 2pcs 18650 battery to power up(no battery provide)
Shipping list:
1 set of tank chassis kit needs to be assembled
1 set of high power remote control