2 pcs DC3V-6V DC geared motor TT motor strong magnetic anti-interference intelligent car chassis four-wheel drive


SKU: SN195

This product is the price of a geared motor, sometimes a black head.

Scope of application: electric toy products such as scientific research electronics, robotic electric human body, bubble gun toy gun body, four-wheel drive toy car, aircraft toy, vibration product, etc.


[product] two-axis geared motor, single-axis geared motor

[Model] 1:48

[Description] Strong magnetic, anti-interference

Voltage no load current no-load speed

6V≤200mA 200±10%rpm

3V ≤ 150mA 90 ± 10% rpm


Note: The color of this gearbox is randomly sent according to the batch of the goods. It may be one of white, yellow and green. Normally it is yellow. It is not possible to ship according to the specific color requirements of individual customers. If you cannot accept it, please do not purchase it.

Shipping list: 2pcs