2017 32 Channel Servo Motor Control Board with Controller and Receiver for Diy Robotic


SKU: 17652461

32 Channel Servo Motor Control Board & PS 2 Controller + Receiver for Hexapod Robot Spider 17DOF Robtics

Description of 32 Channel servo controller:
- Up to 32 servo motors can be controlled at the same time,  to send commands to control the Servo. Can also download instructions to the servo motor controller for offline operation.
- Powerful MCU
- High controlling accuracy
- Offline operation function
- Identify baud rate automatically
- Flash memory: onboard 512K ROM (If every command is used to control the 32 motors at the same time, more than 500 commands can be saved.)
- Controlling MCU power supply: 6.5~12 V or 3.5~5.5V. (USB can be used to power the chip on servos board. And it can be chosen automatically. With the USB reverse protection, it can protect your computer from been hurted by the reverse USB.)
- Servos power supply: DC (depends on the motors, generally 5V DC)
- Control channels: 32. (can be controlled at the same time and the accuracy can be adjusted)
- Dimensions: 60mm x 50mm x 1.6mm
- Control mode: USB and UART (TTL) to accept command. (Comes with USB data wire and PC controlling software)

Wireless Controller and Receiver:
- State of art 2.4GHz wireless technology, no more tangled cord.
- Use 3xAAA Batteries (not included)
- Ergonomic Analog Sticks & Directional Pad for superior control
- Auto-detect feature for simplified set up
- Third party product, not made by Sony
- Package includes one controllers and one receivers

Package included:
- 1 x 32-Channel Motor Controller Board
- 1 x PS 2 Wireless Controller Receiver
- 1x usb Cable.