20pcs PC817 Single In-Line Optocoupler DIP-4 Optocoupler


SKU: 20SNA92

Number of channels: 1

     Isolation voltage: 5kV

     Optocoupler Output Type: Phototransistor

     Input current: 20mA

     Output voltage: 80V

     Package Type: DIP

     Number of stitches: 4

     SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern): No SVHC (15-Dec-2010)

     Approval Bodies:UL

     Rise time: 18μs

     Fall time: 18μs

     Power consumption: 200mW

     Power consumption, Pd: 200mW

     Outside width: 6.5mm

     External depth: 4.58mm

     External length / height: 3.5mm

     Operating temperature range: -30 ° C to +100 ° C

     Pin pitch: 2.54mm

     Approval type: UL Recognised

     Row spacing: 7.62mm

     Maximum forward current, If: 50mA

     Voltage, Vceo: 80V

     Current, Ic max: 20mA

     Current transfer rate (CTR) Minimum: 200%

     Current transfer rate (CTR), maximum: 400%

     Output Type: Phototransistor2

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