38mm(1.5inch)double plastic omni wheel with 3mm mounting hubs(couplings) k18436


SKU: 19451726

The (1.5 inch) 38mm Plastic omni wheel is the smallest omni-directional wheel in all of Nexus  omni wheels. It is unique as they are able to roll freely in two directions. And this 38mm omni wheel has 8 PU rollers. Its rollers are more durable, robust and flexible to provide the wheel 360 degree movement easily.  This 38mm omni wheel apply to the small robot cars , robot platforms, small toys and so on. 

 Key Features:

Diameter: 38mm

Width: 23.4mm

Axial width: 4mm

Number of plate: 2

Number of roller: 8

Body material:plastic

Roller material: TPR

Net weight: 20g

Load capacity: 2 kg


compatible hubs:

3mm aluminum hub 18036