40P locking 51 single chip microcomputer system board intelligent car robot accessories DIY necessary



1, the power supply voltage within DC005 is negative or row needle on power supply, power supply voltage and the working voltage of the chip;
2, crystals: 11.0592M;
3, PCB size: 8.9cm * 4.3cm;

1. The classic 51 minimum system, save yourself the trouble wiring welding;
2.40 all pins derivation, convenient extension.;
3. P0 mouth pull up resistors added 10 k, users can more easily operation P0 mouth;
4. The ISP download independent derivation, convenient AT89S5X series of program download;
5. Support chips: STC89C5X, AT89S5X, STC12C5A60S2 STC11/10 x series and pin compatible chip;
6. With a self-locking switch, can control system of flexible DC005 power on and off, convenient user for various tests (to row needles or DC3-10 input power no on-off action);
7. Flexible power supply mode: ISP download available power supply, available standard DC - 005 interface for taking electric power supply, can also be used needle.
8. Built-in parts design, space saving, pin Numbers are marked on the plate, convenient wiring;