5W efficient wind turbine permanent magnet three-phase generator With rectifier bridge 12v DIY


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5W efficient high quality permanent magnet wind power generator three - phase  12v DIY 
Rubidium iron boron permanent magnet + pure copper windings, permanent magnet wind turbines, small and exquisite, full of electricity, 
5W permanent magnet generator
Rated voltage: 12V
Rated current: 0.45A
Rated speed: 400 rpm
This motor is a permanent magnet three-phase alternator, not the market with a cheap motor with a muffled generator. The motor needs to rectify the output after the DC, rectifier can be used on the market three-phase rectifier module can also be used to produce their own rectifier diodes, to facilitate your production of three-phase rectifier
Shipping list:
1pcs generator
1pcs rectifier bridge