60mm Aluminum LEGO Compatible Mecanum wheel set(2Left,2Right) Basic 14159


SKU: 19451774

It is the smallest size Mecanum wheel in all of our Aluminum mecanum wheel.Each wheel is comprised of a series of rollers,Using rollers set on 45° rotational axis parallel to the rotational axis of the wheel.The set of 60mm mecanum wheels include 2 left wheels and 2 right wheels.You can also use universal hubs to connect the wheels and motor.All of you need to do is to add your drive motor,controller boards and batteries. We can provide many colors of Aluminum plates for wheels to meet your requirements.





Number of Rollers:8

Number of Plates:2

Body material: Aluminum Alloy

Roller material: PP+PE

Spacer material: Aluminum

Length of roller:30mm

Net weight:86gx4

Load capacity: 10Kg


Compatible Hubs:

1. If the wheel is used to be connected with robot and servo motor, we provide free accessorie of a plastic cross axle and an axle center hub, The Cross axle is to be connected with robot, and the axle center hub is to be connected with servo motor.

2.  If the wheel is used to be connected with DC Motor, you can use following hubs:

4mm Hub 18013

4mm Hub for 60mm Mecanum Wheel 18019

6mm Hub for 60mm Mecanum Wheel 18021