736-8017F DC Micromotor Garden Power Tools Round Iron Shell with Cooling Fan Motor 12V


SKU: M86

The motor has a built-in cooling fan, a long carbon brush, and a 6-pole rotor. The parameter is 736-8017 which belongs to the high speed! The official website can find that the motor is mainly used in power tools, garden tools, etc........



Product model: 736-8017F-IE/76


Product size: 42.2mm*53.3mm

Product shaft length: 14.2mm (without steps)


Product diameter axis: 5mm


Product voltage: 9.6V-18V


Voltage speed (no-load) current


9.6V 10800rpm 1.98A


12.0V 13300 rpm 2.1 A


18.0V 20000 rpm 2.55 A



Shipping list:1 pcs motor