8 DOF Humanoid Robot Walking Bipedal Steering Gear Bracket Part Including Servo



This robot is our enhanced version of 6 dof humanoid robots, increased the upper limb joints, more variety is upper limb activity! 6 dof humanoid robot video below, 8 dof humanoid robot motion with similar, only upper limb movements more.
Baby is introduced
This robot is 16.5 cm high, 15 cm wide, small and exquisite. Has eight steering gear, can easily go straight, turn, such as dancing, swing arm action. Robot legs have four joints, arm has four joints, is the enhanced version 6 dof humanoid robot, this makes the upper limb movements more fluid. This product didn't design the head, because itself is with concise give priority to, if the design head, is a bit redundant. We offer a special controller mounting bracket, convenient you to install the controller. U have some space between beam and the controller, you can install your own sensors, robot obstacle avoidance, and other functions.
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Robot delivery suites list
 including servos.
Multi-function scaffold 8
Oblique U bracket 2
The short U stand 4
L support 4
U model   1
Import cup and bearing 4
Big foot 2
A full set of screw nut 1 set
Metal tiller 8