9V 12V 24V to 5V 3A USB step-down voltage regulator module DC-DC Converter Phone Charger Car Power Supply Module WAVGAT



Product size: 35.5 * 17 * 8.3 mm
Input voltage range: 6 to 26 v
Output voltage: 5.2 V (consider charging line loss, output is about 5.2 V, the load end is around 5 V)
Limit the output current: 3 a (in the absence of radiator, stable output current limit is 2 a)
Note 1: is the cathode can't meet the, and the input voltage can't more than 26 v, otherwise it will result in the chip damage!
Note 2: in current work, not touch on the circuit board sampling resistor, IC, or may result in output voltage mutation damage equipment!