A set of 48mm L E G O plastic omnidirectional wheel ( Omni wheel) 14113


SKU: 19451527

A set of 48mm plastic Omni wheel  14113


The 48mm Omni wheels is a robust, Mindstorm NXT compatible omni wheels which is usually used in industrial market. It is mounted in a fixed position which is capable of 360 degree movement and rotation. Durable construction and unlimited maneuverability make this omni wheel ideal for tough environments and industrial applications.

The 48mm Omni directional wheels is engineered for both floor and inverted applications such as manual and powered conveyor transfer systems, feed rails, workstation turntables, robot wheels and so on. It comes with an NXT compatible hub and an Axle Centre hub for the Arduino motors.


Key Features:

·         360 degree manoeuvrability

·         Simple & stable mounting options

·         Robust and durable construction

·         Fits other Arduino motors with the hub included

·         Easier directional control and tracking

·         Low Maintenance



·         Body & Roller Color: Black/Gray

·         Wheel Diameter: 48mm

·         Roller Diameter: 13mm

·         Body Material: Nylon

·         Roller Material: Nylon+PE  

·         Load Capacity: 2 kg*3

·         Net weight: 39g*3