Aluminum alloy Arduino PS2 4 DOF remote control mechanical arm servos bracket mechanical claw DIY robot



Product model: SNAM5000

Total package weight: 860g

Arm height: 35.5cm

Arduino control, source code available

Can be used as a remote control tank robot, or a trolley robot arm. The control panel can robots arm and can control 2 low-power motors.


Single mechanical gripper parameters:

Working voltage: 4.8-6V

Paw material: all aluminum alloy

Paw weight: about 68g (without steering gear)

The maximum opening angle of the paw: 52mm

Overall length of the paw: 115mm (the overall longest length when the paw is closed)

Overall width of the paw: 100mm (maximum overall width when the paw is opened)


MG996 steering gear properties:

Product size: 40.7*19.9*42.9mm

Product pull: 15KG/17kg/20KG/25kgcm (6V)

Reaction speed: 0.17sec/60 degrees (4.8v no load) 0.14sec/60 degrees (6v no load)

Working voltage: 4.8-6V

Working temperature: 0°C-55°C

Gear form: metal gear

Working dead zone: 2us (microseconds)

Three lines of steering gear connector: yellow - signal red - positive brown - negative


Shipping list:

Manipulator metal parts 1 set

Sufficiently installed screws 1 pack

MG996R steering gear 4

PS2 remote control 1 set

Adapter 1

Control panel 1 set