Blue MCU development board 5110 LCD module for driver




Nokia5110 LCD is the second-hand disassemble screen of Nokia mobile phones. The LCDs sold on this site are all selected for good quality and quality.

The bottom plate is designed for this station. There are positioning holes at the four corners, and the upper and lower rows of wiring ports are provided. The arrangement is as follows:

RST - reset

CE - Chip selection

DC - data / instruction selection

DIN - serial data line

CLK - serial clock line

VCC - power input (3.3v and 5v can be, experimentally verified, no problem)

BL - backlight control terminal

GND - ground

The interface is a serial SPI interface. This station provides 51 single-chip microcomputer and Nios II soft-core driver routines!

If it is not bright, you can try four reverse buckles on the reverse side. After adjusting the position, adjust the position of the screen and the board until the normal ones, then tighten the four reverse buckles.