Brass Flexible Shaft Coupling Motor Rigid Coupler 20mm for Hobby Hand Drill Tool 2/2.3/3/3.175/4/5/6mm to 2/3/3.175/4/5/6mm


SKU: SN301

Brass Shaft Coupling  Motor Rigid Coupler Outer Diameter 9mm Length 20mm for Hobby Hand Drill Tool 2/2.3/3/3.175/4mm to 2/3/3.175/4/5/6mm

The Package Listing Includes as Follow:

1pcxShaft Coupling    4pcsxM3 Screws      


Please tell me the size you want



Inner Hole Bore (D1 to D2)
2mm to 2mm 2.3mm to 2mm 3mm to 3mm 3.175mm to 3.175mm 4mm to 4mm
2mm to 3mm 2.3mm to 2.3mm 3mm to 3.175mm 3.175mm to 4mm 4mm to 5mm
2mm to 3.175mm 2.3mm to 3mm 3mm to 4mm 3.175mm to 5mm 4mm to 6mm
2mm to 4mm 2.3mm to 3.17mm 3mm to 5mm   5mm to 5mm
2mm to 5mm 2.3mm to 4mm 3mm to 6mm   6mm to 6mm
2mm to 6mm