Bubble head 2mm hole circular bubble blow head DIY manual automatic bubble machine model DIY manual materials


SKU: B74

Bubble head, the fitting is used to make automatic blowing bubbles device of materials science and technology, inner hole is 2 mm, flat with a hole, can use 2 mm shaft connection, also can use TT motor to connect directly.
Usage: install the foam head on the motor, dip it into the small tank with bubble liquid, and start rotating. Equipped with a small air - leaf blower, OK bubble machine appeared.
[product diameter] : 120mm
[product thickness] : about 3mm (excluding connecting rod)
[connection rod length] : 14mm
[single bubble coil diameter] : about 20mm
[fixed aperture] : 2mm (with flat hole, suitable for TT motor connection)
[product color] : green and blue
[product weight] : about 5.7 g
[shipping list] : 1pcs bubble head