Diaphragm Pump Small Micro Water Pump Tea 385 motor 6-12v+2 meter hose + adapter




Self-priming diaphragm pump

High power, can't work long hours

Can not be used as a filter, not durable


Pump size: 90mm * 40mm * 35mm
Outlet diameter: inner diameter 6 mm, outer diameter 8.5 mm
Rated voltage: 12V

Operating voltage: DC6-12V, 

operating current: 0.5-0.7A 
Flow: 1.5-2L/Min (left and right), 

suction: 2 meters

Head: 3 meters vertically

Lifetime: up to 2500H, 

water temperature: up to 80°C

shipping list:

1pc pump 2 meter hose and adapter