DIY Acrylic robot arm claw arduino kit 4DOF Mechanical grab Manipulator DIY



ABB's industrial robot prototype mini four degrees of freedom mechanical gloves member, use arduino as a master, driving four 9g servos motion simulation of industrial robot operation. Is a rare perfect toy, whether it is used to study the mechanical hand or used as decoration or as a gift for children, is an excellent choice!

A full set of spare parts (all the needs of their own assembly, including welding and assembly rack circuit), requires a certain ability! ! (There are small objects, children need to operate with the help of an adult !!)
we are keep updating this arm, make it better and better, current version my have small different with the photo
A full kit includes:
1,3mm black acrylic cutting 1 set
2,9g Fraser plastic servo 4
3, Arduino uno board
4, independent research and development potential of Dashboard Kit 1 set
5, a plurality of metal connector