DIY Electronic Christmas Tree Kit Soldering Practice Maker Space LED Water Light


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DIY Electronic Christmas Tree Kit

Size: 60*60*136mm

This kit is a DIY kit. User needs to solder themselvers.


Circuit description:

This Christmas tree kit is composed of three circuit boards(A board\B board\C board). The user assembles them by soldering, allowing 36 LEDS to flash alternately. This presents a three-dimensional outline of the Christmas tree in space(better viewing at night).

Performance parameters:

Input voltage: DC 4.5-5V

List of originals:


Note: The music version adds more components(1 buzzer, 1 transistor, 1 music transistor, 2P pins+1 jump cap)

Transistor and music IC are the same, pay attention to distinguish when soldering, in order to avoid soldering wrong.