Elecrow DIY Smart Car For Arduino Robot Education Smart Car Encoder Chassis Front wheel- Steering Gear Steering Dual Motor Drive


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The rear-wheel-drive front-wheel steering mechanism is similar to the c-model in the smart car competition. Similar to the steering mechanism of the professional racing model, and the rear wheel can be active differential speed. Choosing the aluminum alloy floor as its material, greatly improve the strength of the body. The motor also with an encoder that can achieve closed-on control. If you erect the car, it can be used as a balanced car, this is the real best use.



  • Motor speed: 1500rpm
  • Motor deceleration ratio: 1:10
  • Maximum speed: 4.5 m/s
  • Load capacity: 1.3kg
  • Steering: DS3119
  • Steering torque: 20kg
  • Size: 210mm x 185mm
  • Steering mode: front wheel steering
  • Driving mode: rear wheel dual motor drive, can drive differential speed
  • Base material: aluminum alloy
  • Motor power: 7W
  • Operating voltage of motor: 7-13v
  • Encoder working voltage: 5v
  • Encoder precision: the wheel turns one revolution, the 30-speed reduction ratio can output 1560 jump edges, the 10-speed reduction ratio can output 520 jump edges.

Package list

  • Gear motor with encoder x 2
  • Large torque steering gear x 1
  • Metal rudder x 1
  • Aluminum alloy steering gear support x 1
  • 65mm rubber tire x 4
  • Aluminum alloy platform x 1
  • Front-wheel bearing x 4
  • Steering cup x 2
  • Ball head pull rod x 4
  • Coupler x 4
  • 37 motor support x 2
  • Copper nut and screw bag x 1
  • Acrylic platform x 1
  • Screw bag x 1

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