Electronic version of two-channel wired remote control board Controllable one motor forward and reverse



Product Name: Two-way board

 Product size: 20*30mm

Supply voltage: 3-6V, can not exceed 6V! ! !

Power requirements: Only dry batteries can be used, but high-energy dry batteries cannot be used. The battery of the domestic big brand is not good either, and the lithium battery cannot be used.


Remote Control Basics & Precautions

1. Strictly use the corresponding battery power according to the rated voltage, check the power output, and the battery output voltage is insufficient, which will cause the function of the board to be lost. It is strictly forbidden to avoid using high-energy batteries, otherwise it is easy to burn!

This type is suitable for models such as toy boats and toy cars. It cannot be used as an airplane remote control! Therefore, you cannot use the model battery!

 Please use the ordinary 5th battery, can not use high-energy batteries such as Nanfu battery!


 2. Add 104 capacitors on the motor, this is the most basic, please Baidu. (The motor in the finished toy has a capacitor)

 3. There are many sources of interference, computers, motors, etc. are all interference, and the receiving circuit board should not directly lie next to the motor!

 4. The voltage is low and the remote control distance will be short! 2.4G rated 6V, ordinary 4.5V, low transmission and receiving voltage will change the frequency, which will lead to short distance of remote control or failure in long distance.

 5. If there is no pairing, there will be a messy key! Restart and match.

 6. The transmitting antenna should be erected when the receiving antenna is installed. Do not lay it flat, which is not conducive to signal transmission.

 7. The output current and voltage are limited. Please select the appropriate small motor, for example: 130, 260, 180, etc., otherwise it will not move.

 8. The bare receiving board and the bare remote board must be fixed before use. There must be fixed objects below.

Shipping list:1 pcs