Fixed two-pole plug copper foot anti-fall easy wiring plug



Model: blue and white fixed plug

Weight: 25g

Specification: 250V / 16A

Power: 2500W

Uses: two-pole power cord matching plug



The outer casing uses a high temperature flame retardant PVC material. Using soft plastic injection molding technology, the product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-shock, impact resistance, pressure resistance and non-breaking.


Copper sheet

Pure copper inserts, fine nickel plating on the surface, anti-copper rust, less heat, good conductivity and long service life



Non-angular curved design

  The whole body has no angular arc design, and the corner is soft and slow, which avoids damage to any other objects when bumping, and makes the product itself more handy and beautiful.



Convenient wiring, quick wiring design, flexible disassembly and assembly, solid and not loose at the wiring, always ensure safe use of electricity