Gray 10A three-pole pure copper power plug single-phase three flat plug



Rated current: 10A

Rated voltage: 250V

color: gray

Product use: home, office, construction site


Made of high quality copper

The conductive inserts are made of high-quality copper sheets, which have good electrical conductivity and low heat generation. The exterior silver is nickel plated for improved corrosion resistance and aesthetics.


The use of high temperature flame retardant PVC material, high flame retardant performance, strong anti-drop performance, the pursuit of excellent quality, making electricity life more secure and reliable installation


User-friendly terminal design makes installation easier and tighter to prevent heat

Non-angular arc design

  The whole body has no angular arc design, and the corner is soft and slow. Avoiding bumps and bumps is damage to people and other objects, and makes the product itself more handy and beautiful.