Heng Long Brushed Motor Block Motor Steel Gearbox For 1/16 RC Tank Refitting Parts



Item Name: Brushed Motor
Power Cable Length: About 15cm
Diameter:  About 27.36mm
Length: About 51.22mm
Shaft Diameter: About 2.3mm
Shaft Length: About 11.93mm
Motor Gear Diameter: About 7.02mm
It is the second generation brushed motor, featuring 3 times torque force and rotation speed.
It is suitable for mainboard of 1/16 RC Tanks, German Tiger, German Panther, Soviet Russia T34, Chinese Type-99, etc.

Voltage No Load At Maximum Efficiency Stall
Operating Range Nominal Speed Current Speed Current Torque Output Torque Current
4.5-9.8V 6.0V r/min A r/min A g.cm mN.m W g.cm mN.m A
13800 0.66 12109 4.6 156.1 15.3 19.4 1253 122.8 32.5

Package Included:
1 X Brushed Motor