HuanQi Infrared Remote Control Track Battle rc Tank 27MHz Sound Of Cannon And Emmagee remote control tank With Light



Brand: HuanQi
- Model: 508
- Quantity: 2
- Color: Camouflage yellow + deep grey
- Material: Plastic + electronic component + rubber
- Channel: 3
- Channel Specification: Forward / backward / forward left / forward right / backward left / backward right / spin
- Remote Type: IR
- Remote Control Frequency: 27 / 40MHz
- Remote Control Range: 10 meters
- Fighting Range: 3 meters
- Battery Capacity: 400mAh
- Battery Type: NiCd
- Charging Time: 200 minutes
- Working Time: 20 minutes
- Charging Time: The first charging 8 hours, then charging 4~5 hours
- Working Time: Continuous 15-20 minutes
- Remote Control: Included
- Remote Controller Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
- This is an amazing battle tanks set; This set keeps the kids (and adults) occupied for hours; The tanks are radio-controlled with moving turrets and full control of movement; They will climb over cushions, books and other obstacles on the 'battlefield'; You can play stealthy hide and seek games or just slug it out in the open; When a tank is hit it loses a life and has slightly reduced ability until all 4 lives are used up and the tank dies; Be warned - it's very addictive
- The large scale infrared battle tank details 3 tone desert camouflage, full function controls, rotational turret, and realistic driving, turret movement and gunfire sound effects; Combat strikes are recorded via the infrared emitter and receiver causing simulated explosion effects with lights, noise, and recoil and tank vibration; Game play is tracked through the vital force and power indicators seated on top of the tank
- Infrared multi player battle system
- Up to 4 tanks can battle at once
- Vital force and power indicator for trackable game play
- High Quality with rotational turret, scale detail and rubber treads
- Full function control and climbing ability of 30 degrees
- Audible turret movement, tank advance & tank fire / hit reaction
- Visual effects include tank explosion, vibration, recoil & Gun fire
- Dual weapons combat through turret and machine gun fire
- Vividly simulates the actions of an actual battle tank
- Equipped with high gripping caterpillar tracks
- 300 degree rotation fort barbette, the gun barrel can be right-left moving

- Packing List:
- 2 x Tanks
- 2 x Remote controls (2 x AAA batteries, not included)
- 2 x Antennas
- 2 x AC power charger adapters (220V / 2-round-pin plug / 130cm-cable)
- 2 x Rechargeable batteries (4.8V / 400mAh)
- 2 x Yellow small air defense artilleries
- 1 x English user manual