Hydraulic principle study inquiry experiment kit pump



.Hydraulic principle study inquiry experiment kit pump 
Hydraulic is a powerful force, industrial production and life often used, we here with a simple experimental suite, through this basic package, we can experience the power of the hydraulic more deeply.
how to use:
1. The rubber tube cut into two sections, respectively, access to the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump, regardless of positive and negative, found in the opposite direction, the exchange can be positive and negative.
2. Connect the water pipe to the syringe and the other end to the level.
3. Cut the red line on the battery compartment, connect the switch in series, and connect the pump to the other end.
After our experiment: 4 new AA batteries can be 4kg fire extinguisher.
Shipping list:
1. a hydraulic pump
2.50 ml syringe
3. One meter rubber pipe
4. A push switch
5. A 4-cell battery pack
Reminder: please see the shipping list