Inverter boost voltage generator arc ignition coil module electronic cigarette diy small production suite


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This product is a booster coil production suite, the circuit is simple and reliable, with a professional line drawings, electronics enthusiasts to facilitate research
Uses: high school science experiment, electronic equipment, negative ion generator, science small production. This circuit generates a high-frequency arc steady, high temperature, it can easily ignite combustible materials, so it was called the plasma Lighter
10KV transformer outside dimensions of approximately: 20 * 17 * 16mm
Input voltage: 3.7V-7.2V (limit 12v, easily damaged is not recommended, this also applies to transformer 12V input voltage, but requires a corresponding increase in base feedback resistor to about 150Ω ~ 1.5KΩ, the resistance should be big to replace a small adjustment, or burned transistor or transformer)
Input Current: <1.5A
Output voltage: about 20KV (please pay attention to safety when used)
Output Current: ≤0.5A
High voltage poles of the ignition distance: ≤0.8 cm
This product input termination 3.7V-7.2V power supply, the secondary high-voltage output is not connected to high-voltage rectifier diodes and capacitors, two output terminals can produce ≤0.8 cm long purple high temperature arc, no crackling, but the temperature is very high , you can easily instant point cigarette paper, or even very thin wire burned sparks (such as junior high school chemistry experiment thin wire in oxygen combustion scene, but not as good as oxygen so intense.)
Transformer structure
There are two primary windings, a primary winding, a feedback winding, the secondary output of high pressure. Another: 10KV transformer designed for maximum output, limit output can not exceed 15KV, which is 1 cm arc, a higher output voltage is likely to damage the transformer.

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