Metal robot chassis crawler robot SUV tank chassis MK6


SKU: 2830087

Quality all-metal robot crawler chassis, vehicle manufacturing precision stainless steel, aluminum road wheels CNC machining, Taiwan Excellence ultra-quiet motor slowdown. Nylon simulation tank track! Vehicle design is reasonable, with four servos installed port, you can install a mechanical arm and a variety of sensors, the vehicle being equipped with screws are stainless steel, fine car!


Recommend the use of a voltage between 9 ~ 12V to the biggest play of the car's performance! Perfect chassis can develop more slowly robot function studies rely on the buyers themselves!


Taiwan DC resistance of the motor vehicle use is about 4.6 in Europe, rated voltage 9V. Test-load current with 4.8V 120ma, speed 270rpm, has been quite strong up. The electrical power of about 15W.