Professional Voltage Regulators 4000W 220V High Power SCR Speed Controller Electronic Voltage Regulator Governor Thermostat BS


SKU: 12917521

The new component assembly
4 Terminals,220V into 0-220V adjustable output,Be sure to take the load transfer
Mainly used:Thermostat,Dimming,Governor(Heating pipe, Heating wire ,Heating plate,Heating rods,Baisi bulb,Fan,EAF,Solder furnace,Table lamp) and so on.
The regulator be suitable for 220V AC electrical , can be used to dimming, voltage regulator, thermostat, speed and other purposes. I t can also arbitrarily adjust the output voltage between 0-220V, and can be used for 4000 watts or less electrical appliances.
Electrical parameters:
Voltage: AC 220V
Maximum power: 4000W
Voltage Regulator: AC 0-220V
Thyristor current: 20A(Max)
Radiator: 5 thick corrugated surface aluminum radiator
Resistance: Full metal film, precision power resistors