Rock high speed off-road racing car 2.4G remote control and receiver board sports car



* 2.4G long distance remote control, it can play multiple set at same time.
* High-speed off-road vehicles for remote control, easy to control
* 4 channels, you can control 4 actions
* Suitable for four-wheel drive off-road vehicles, the remote control of the trigger control the car forward and backward, the remote control on the wheel control car steering
1. This product can only be connected to 130 small motor , high-power motor will burn the board
2. This is a four-way remote control, although the receiver board can be connected to three motors, but there are two motor movements, the output exactly  same
Technical Parameters:
Model: SNRM32
Receiver plate size: 33mm * 41mm
Voltage input: 4.8-7.2v
Remote control battery: use three AA batteries
Model: SNRM32
Total weight: 185g