Self-balancing two-wheeled motor car 2WD metal car smart car chassis balance



The kit comes with wheels, motors, screws, chassis and all the parts needed to assemble the base of the self-balancing platform. It does not include the sensors or other components to control the mobile platform.

This platform is for all of you that likes to build robots starting from a kit rather than building all from scratch. And thanks to the Arduino team, if you have one Arduino board in hand, you can add the batteries, gyro and accelerometer sensors, and build a functional self-balancing mobile robot.


65MM rubber wheel

3mm thickness aluminium alloy plate

Line function definition:
The yellow line is left two motor poles
The green and white pulse output line, a theory can be used at the same time, the two can be measured by the steering motor
The red and black is black is red power encoder wiring, negative voltage, 3.3V-5V
Note: pay attention to the red and black lines do not pick the wrong, otherwise it will burn encoder, motor testing, please test, do not use brute force the twist motor